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I know Im going out on a limb here by posting this, but Im going to do it anyways, because I like the challenge.

I have created a community called Ask The Don. What is it? Well you can go there and ask ANY- you ready for this? ANY QUESTION you might have about the Christian faith. The Spiritual Realm, the story of Jesus, ANYTHING, you can ask it! And it WILL be answered! No question is left unanswered. If you feel led, just go take a look. Im sure youll think of a good one that's been bugging you. Thanks for your time!




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How many of the people in this community actually own guns, or can honestly say they have a sufficient amount of knowledge about guns/gun laws to discuss them intelligently? I've seen a few posts by people who obviously do, but for the most part I just see people that give off the "OMFG GUNZ R SO KEWL I WANT A DESERT EAGLE WIT A SILENCER AND A SCOPE AND A LASER SIGHT BCUZ THAT GUY IN TEH MOVIE HAD ONE!!!1111!!/!11@!" vibe.

My New Baby

Hello all! Big event. I got my first handgun today! I've been using a company issue revolver for my job, but I went out today and got my own. Next month at some point I will (hopefully) qualify with it and start carrying it on the job. This was the result of several months of research, trying out guns that fit what I was looking for, and major money saving. I settled on a Sig P226 .40 calibur.

I have a picture, although it's rather crude. It was taken with my webcam.

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